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Various products of Samsung LCD Screen, providing product images and basic parameters with each Samsung S3 LCD and Samsung S4 LCD; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Samsung LCD Screen, and look forward to your cooperation!

Samsung LCD Screen

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Samsung LCD Screen

There are series Samsung mobile models in the market. The most famouse model in the market currently is: Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, S3 mini, S4 mini ... The LCD screen of each mobile are different with others. And also, Samsung release different version in different country for a mobile model. For example, S4 i9500 is in China, S4 i9505 is in EU, but S4 i337 is in USA. S4 i9500 LCD screen are not same as i9505 screen, it is also different with i337. This make the situation to be complicated. It is not easy for a supplier to offer all Samsung mobile screens. But it is lucky, almost all Samsung LCD screens can be find in our website.

Quality of Samsung LCD screen

Currently, there are 2 kinds of Samsung LCD screen in the market. One is brand new and original. It is the top quality in the world, which is same as Samsung use. But it is very expensive, and always be out of stock. Another is Refurbished Samsung screen. The LCD are original, but the digitizer and frame are replaced. It is much lower in price. Currently, 80% samsung LCD screens in the market are refurbished. All Samsung screen from us are 100% tested, they are good quality. Sometimes, the back button on S4 screen don't work after reach customers, it is because the S4 home sensor flex are not very strong, it always drop off on delivery. So mostly, we will add an extra S4 sensor flex cable for each screen, in case this affair happen, customer can fix it easily.

Delivery of Samsung LCD Screen

As we know, all Samsung LCD screen have logo on touchscreen. It is impossible to remove the logo or scratch it. But neither new Samsung screen nor refurbished LCD have authorization from Samsung. It means, no suppliers are authorized to sell or deliver samsung LCD screens. Delivery of Samsung LCD meet a risk. If customs open the package, and see Samsung logo on screens, they will hold the package and damaged those screens. This always bring big lose to business. To avoid this trouble, we always cover the Samsung logo with black stickers. And if necessory, we will ship UPS packages instead of DHL. UPS is always more safe than DHL.

Most popular Samsung LCD Screen currently

Samsung S3 LCD and S4 LCD screen are most popular in the past 3 years. You need to add a extra frame to the LCD for different S3/S4 version, for example, i9300 frame for Chinese version, i9305 for EU version. Both S3 screen and S4 screen have black white and blue colors. S5 LCD, S6 LCD and S7 LCD screen have no frame, they are universal screens for all versions. However, these new Samsung screens are very expensive as they are always out of stock in the market. Samsung Note 2 LCD, Note 3 LCD, Note 4 LCD, S3 mini LCD, S4 Mini LCD are almost same price as before.

Other Samsung Screens

Except those popular screens, there are many other samsung models. The price of Samsung LCD screens are always go up and down. Besides screen, We keep high-quality spare parts for almost the whole line of Samsung smart phones in stock and provide them at wholesale prices for we base on the global largest procurement market. We are most professional supplier for Samsung cellphone LCD screen and other repair parts.

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