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Various products of iPhone Accessory, providing product images and basic parameters with each Iphone 5S Covers and Iphone Gadgets; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of iPhone Accessory, and look forward to your cooperation!

iPhone Accessory

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iPhone Accessory

Protective Case for iPhone Accessory

The hotest iPhone Accessory since 2012 is the protective case. There are thousand kinds of iPhone case in the market, they cover iPhone 4 to 6S plus, always be out of your imagine. They are made of different materials:  silicone case, cow leather case, PU case, wooden case, bamboo case, cloth case. Some case have special function, such as cigaretting, water-proof, making photo, lighting, with holder, Backup power, support Wifi charging. Many famous brand of iPhone case is born, such as OTTBOX, UAG, Lifeproof, HOKO. 90% users would like to buy a protective case to protect his iPhone from crash and damage. It is really a fantastic protective accessory for iPhone.

iPhone Accessory for screen protection

There are 2 kinds of iPhone accessories which can protect screen from scratch and damage, the protective film and the tempered glass. Protective film is the Junier product, it is very thin and totally transparent, it protect iPhone screen from scratch and dirty. As a beginning iPhone accessory, it is not strong enough to protect LCD from crash and beat. Another new iPhone accessory for screen protection is the tempered glass. Normally, it is 0.2 to 0.3mm thick, it bring perfect protection to iPhone screen. The tempered glass are so strong, it is very hard to break the glass and hurt the screen. Currently, 80% iPhone users are using tempered glass on his screen surface.

New iPhone Accessory - Backup Power Source

iPhone is a most powerful mobile, it has large require on battery. The only shortage of iPhone is on battery. The capacity of battery are so small, that it always cause powerless. To fix this headache problem, another famous iPhone accessory is born: the backup power source. If you take a power source on your trip, you can charge the iPhone with it in anytime any place. So we say, the power source make iPhone to be more powerful.

Other Accessories for iPhone

How many kinds of iPhone accessories in the market? Lets calculate: protective case, screen film, USB cable, charger, power source, USB Adapter, Car amount holder, earphone, car charger, loudspeaker... These accessories make iPhone more powerfull and more comfortable. No matter it is a iPhone 4 or iPhone 6S plus in your hand, you can find a favourate accessories. Thanks to Apple, and thanks to the Accessory world.

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